Goobi workflow – Manual

A very detailed user manual exists for Goobi workflow. This is constantly being edited and therefore always reflects the current state of development and thus the current scope of functions. The manual is divided into the areas for users, management, administrators and developers and is available in German and English.

Plugin Documentation

In addition to the Goobi workflow user manual, many of the 210 or so existing plug-ins also have individual documentation. These mostly describe how the plug-ins are installed and configured. In addition, the plugin documentations often also contain explanations about how the plugins work and how to operate them.

Monthly Digests

Since Goobi workflow is constantly being further developed, a new version is usually published once a month. This bears a clear and easily comprehensible version number, which is made up of the year and the month (e.g. 19.09 for the version from September 2019).

For a better traceability of the innovations, a digest is published for each monthly published version, which gives an insight into the innovations. There, the individual changes and functions are usually explained in detail and illustrated using screenshots. In addition, links to the source code of Goobi workflow are also listed, providing a transparent insight into the development progress.

In addition to an overview of the latest completed developments that are published with the monthly versions, an insight into the concrete roadmap of future developments is also given, provided that their planning has already been concretized and implementation is imminent.