Goobi is an open source software suite for controlling and presenting digitization projects. It consists of the two core components Goobi workflow and Goobi viewer as well as a broad ecosystem of complementary tools and plug-ins.

Goobi is currently used in more than 80 institutions in 17 countries. In addition to libraries, museums and archives, these include ministries, research institutions, foundations and private companies.

At annual user meetings, in joint workshops and also within the very active community forum, Goobi users exchange ideas about their working methods and projects and plan together in which direction the software should develop in the future.

Goobi workflow

Goobi workflow coordinates small and large digitization projects. From the physical object on the shelf to digital publication on a website, in a repository, a long-term archive or as an electronic delivery to a client.

Goobi viewer

The Goobi viewer is the showcase for digitized treasures. Whether book, nude, pottery, painting or 3D object. A searchable all-in-one platform for the publication of digitised material.


Goobi-to-go is the easiest way to quickly and easily create your own Goobi-installation. In addition to Goobi workflow and Goobi viewer, it contains some frequently used plug-ins as well as helpful sample content for quick self-experimentation.


The Goobi software in its current form is the result of the requirements and needs of an international community. It is above all the users who shape further development through development contributions. For this purpose, regular user meetings are organized, workshops are held and there is an active community forum. In addition, an active exchange about functions, their application and future developments takes place on a daily basis.


Comprehensive up-to-date documentation in German and English is available for the individual Goobi components. This applies primarily to the continuously expanded user manuals for Goobi workflow and Goobi viewer. But documentation has also already been published for many plug-ins. And last but not least, the monthly digests about the latest developments can also be found here.

Open Source

Sowohl bei Goobi workflow als auch bei dem Goobi viewer handelt es sich um Open-Source-Software. Der Quelltext dieser Applikationen sowie vieler Plugins und Erweiterungen wird tagesaktuell auf Github veröffentlicht.