Goobi Community

A successful open source software also requires an active community. This community consists of users, developers, system administrators, testers, interested parties, doubters, optimists, creative people and many more.

Over the years, the Goobi community has developed in such a way that all these roles are represented. And they all work together every day to ensure that the software evolves as the entire community needs it.

Here are some of the community’s central contact points.

Community Forum

The Community Forum exists in its current form since September 2018. It is a public platform on which the most diverse contributions are discussed divided into topic areas. Ideas and wishes are represented as well as best-practice hints and requests for help. Last but not least, the latest developments are announced here, the monthly development progress listed and of course invited to community events.

Goobi User Days

The Goobi User Days have been held regularly every autumn since 2013. They are hosted by intranda GmbH, which coordinates and significantly promotes Goobi’s development.

The user days usually last for two days, with the first day generally devoted mainly to topics related to the Goobi workflow. On the second day, however, the main focus will be on topics relating to the Goobi viewer. The days are organized in such a way that in the mornings, developers and users will give presentations on Goobi and other topics related to digitization. In the afternoon, however, the focus will often be on community topics, workshops, training courses and the general exchange between users in thematically divided rooms.

Participation in the annual Goobi User Days is free of charge for all participants. An announcement and invitation to participate will be made via the Community Forum and on the intranda website.


Workshops, short courses, webinars and training courses take place on various occasions. These are usually organised and conducted by Goobi developers. Workshop materials are also available to participants for some of these events. These are collected here at a central location.